Commercial Real Estate in Bridgewater, MA

With Bridgewater, MA being just a few miles down the road from our offices in Brockton, MA, we are very familiar with the commercial real estate opportunities in the city. Home of Bridgewater State University, the city is a mix of residential areas and areas zoned for commercial and industrial use. Learn more about our expertise in Bridgewater, MA, as it pertains to commercial real estate.

Industrial Commercial Space in Bridgewater, MA

As mentioned above, Bridgewater, MA, has a healthy blend of residential spaces and commercial spaces. Where Bridgewater, MA is located makes it an ideal location for a variety of industrial endeavors. With I-495 running through the city, industrial businesses that need to ship product can do so easily. Not only will industrial businesses located in Bridgewater, MA, have easy access to Massachusetts Cape Cod, but the entire country as I-95 is only a few exits away.

Commercial Retail & Office Spaces in Bridgewater, MA

Due to Bridgewater being home to businesses, residents, and a student population, opening a retail location or office in the area can help your business grow. From a retail perspective, if your product or services align with the population of those in the area, finding customers shouldn’t be an issue. If you are looking to open an office to conduct business, sales reps will easily be able to drive to surrounding areas to sell your product or services. Furthermore, you will be able to tap into the community population for employees and interns!

Commercial Land For Sale/ Lease in Bridgewater, MA

Purchasing or leasing land in Massachusetts south shore is highly sought after as the Greater Boston area continues to grow. The market in Bridgewater, MA, is no exception. From building new apartments for a rising population to creating manufacturing facilities near the highway for the easy transport of products. If you are looking for land south of Boston, Bridgewater, MA could be what you are looking for.

Quinn & Associates: Providing Commercial Real Estate Solutions for Bridgewater Business for over 20 years.

As industry experts that live throughout Massachusetts South Shore, Quinn & Associates are not only familiar with current listings but market trends as a whole. If you are looking for office, industrial, retail space, or plots of land for sale/ lease, contact Quinn & Associates today!