Commercial Real Estate in Dedham, MA

Dedham, Massachusetts is a town located southwest of Boston. Its location, access to highways, and proximity to Massachusetts capital city make it a highly sought-after area to buy and lease commercial property. With our offices located just 20 miles south of Dedham, we are well engrained in the community and commercial real estate industry. Learn more about our commercial real estate capabilities in Dedham, MA on this page.

Industrial Space for Lease & Sale in Dedham, MA

Dedham, MA continues to grow in population as more and more people populate Boston’s suburbs. For this reason, industrial space is not only hard to come by but also sought after, With Dedham’s proximity to Boston and major highway systems, business in need of industrial space will reduce costs by having access to these population centers. Learn more about our industrial spaces available throughout the Boston area, including Dedham, by calling us today!

Commercial Retail & Office Space in Dedham, MA

For the same reason, Industrial space is sought after in Dedham, retail and office space is also a growing market. With a growing population, retail businesses are able to market their product and services to a growing customer base. In terms of office space, as worker trends change due to COVID-19, more people will be looking to work remotely or in a flex capacity with a reduced commute. If your workforce is primarily from the south shore, Dedham, MA is an ideal location for your business.

Commercial Land For Sale & Lease in Dedham, MA

If your business is poised to purchase land in the Dedham, MA or the south shore area, we at Quinn & associates recommend it. It is no secret that the price of properties continues to grow, even despite the global pandemic of 2020. As a strategic move for your business, you will enjoy lower monthly payments vs leasing a space for your business, and then, further down the road, you will be able to sell your property at a higher price!

Quinn & Associates| Dedham, MA Commercial Real Estate

Quinn & Associates has been involved in numerous commercial real estate deals in Dedham, MA since we started as a company over 20 years ago. Whether you know exactly what you are looking for or this is your first commercial real estate deal, Quinn & Associates is a partner you can trust.