Commercial Real Estate in Framingham , MA

Framingham, MA is a one of Massachusetts newest cities, as it gained city status in January of 2018. Located 20 miles west of Boston, commercial real estate is on the rise and for good reason. With the greater Boston Area teeming with a talented working force and the city expanding, Framingham is a viable place to buy and office or start a business. Framingham is also a middle ground between the two largest cities in Massachusetts, Boston and Worcester, and as both cities grow, Framingham will increase its commercial real estate value.

Commercial Property for lease or Sale in Framingham, MA

Considering a retail, commercial, or office space in Framingham? If so, you will be following suite of some already renowned, globally recognized brands who have made Framingham their Global headquarters. Companies such as TJX (TJ Max, Marshals, Home goods, etc.), Bose, and Staples all call Framingham home.

Why Buy Commercial Real Estate in Framingham, MA

As stated above, Framingham ideal location between Worcester and Boston make it a place bound to explode with growth. Populations around Greater Boston and Worcester alike are expanding towards each other with Framingham right in the middle. As an employer, your workers will benefit from less traffic than those living directly in these cities. Whether you are looking for land, retail/ office space, or space specifically zoned for your needs, Quinn & Associates is the partner that can find what you are looking for in Framingham.

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